What is digital retouching?

What is digital retouching?

All of our images are professionally enhanced.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your own makeup, if that’s what you’d usually do for a business meeting or for work. It does mean that there is no need for a makeup artist to attend any of our photoshoots.

Getting a LinkedIn headshot with us is all about being yourself, and being comfortable. If you’d usually wear makeup, go for it.

We also know that you want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Most of our clients just want to get a new headshot taken, and to get on with the rest of their day.

It’s quite fortuitous then, that technology plays to both our advantages. Having a makeup artist on site for the shoot adds time (and cost). 

Furthermore, in our experience, there is also no benefit to the end result. 

Why we say there is no need for a makeup artist.

If you’ve worked with photographers during corporate events, for magazine shoots, or even on your own wedding day, you might assume that a makeup artist is required. 

We completely understand why you might ask. Quite a few clients do! 

We don’t offer a makeup artist for your professional LinkedIn Headshot. Here’s why:

1.) For LinkedIn, most clients want to look as they would do, on their best day, at work. In most work environments, even on our best days, a makeup artist is not part of our day.

2.) In the past, when our clients have used makeup artists, the resulting edits are much more severe. The makeup ends up looking out of sync with the lighting. It is far better that we light you in the best way possible and then add the makeup, digitally, based on the result of the photograph. 

3.)  Digital enhancements are in many ways superior to having a makeup artist. If you have shadows or blotches that you’d like to have covered up, there’s no need to use makeup. We can gently, and naturally, remove these from the image. 

4.) There is no need, at all! Grantly calls this process your “digital makeup artist”. He even claims that he can do a much better job. Think about it, he’s adding the enhancements to suit exactly the image at the moment the photo was taken, not half an hour beforehand. 

Grantly claims that his Photoshopped makeup is better than a “real” makeup job.

Put him to the test!