Our mobile studio

We come to you. All the professionalism of a studio, in your office.


At Your Office Photo Service

For LinkedIn Headshots, this is the number one location choice. Most of our clients find it intrudes less on their day.

We bring our own pop-up studio, with screens and lighting, and the finished result looks exactly the same as studio headshot. You’d not be able to tell the difference.

You don’t need a makeup artist, or anything apart from yourself, in your outfit of choice.

It’ll take 30 minutes out of your day and we just need a quiet corner of the office in which to set up.

What should I wear?

We generally advise that you wear the outfit you’d wear for work. Or for a business meeting. Remember that LinkedIn is your personal professional brand, so however you would dress when meeting a client is probably what you need.

What background should I choose?

As we bring our mobile studio to your office, the background isn’t too much of a concern. As long as there’s space for us to set up, we will use screens behind you. Typically, our clients want a white background for their LinkedIn profiles, to create a slick, clean, professional image.

When will I get my photos?

You’ll receive the preview images within 24 hours. If there are digital enhancements to be made, we will complete these within a further 24 hours, after you have confirmed the images you’d like to use.


Working At Home Photo Service

Are you working at home? We can come to your home office. For London residents we are happy to travel to your house and bring our pop-up studio with us. 

When we say pop-up studio, we are talking about some serious mobile kit, not some flimsy little grab-bag of lightweight rubbish. 

Your At Home photos will be just as professional as if they were taken in a studio, or your office. And you don’t even have to leave your house. 

LinkedIn Photos at Home

Our mobile studio

We come to you. All the professionalism of a studio, at home.

How much space do you need?

Surprisingly little. We’ve taken at home shots in hallways, and little backrooms. Or spare rooms. We will discuss the space with you before we arrive.

Which room can you do this in?

Whichever room you are most comfortable in. We usually end up in the area where our clients work. But if that’s a really really small space, we can use another room. Bright living rooms are popular.

Do I need to tidy up?

Not really! We don’t take up too much space when we are at your house. As long as there’s a clear area where we can set up. We promise we won’t be checking on your washing up pile.

Are you following Covid guidelines?

Absolutely. We follow the guidelines wherever we work. However, we appreciate that you may wish us to take extra precautions in your home. We can talk about any special requirements you may have before we come to you.

LinkedIn London Photo Headshot

Get the London look

You can choose to go on location somewhere in London that suits your image, or we can Photoshop a City scene in for you.


London LinkedIn Photo Service

We have a good number of clients who wish to demonstrate that they work in The City. The London LinkedIn Photo Service has been designed to do just that.

With this option, you can have your photographs with a London scene in the background. This is really popular with city professionals, our clients often feel that it sets the tone for their LinkedIn profile.

There are two options here.

1.) We can go on location to a place in London – we will help advise you on the best locations for shooting.

2.) You can choose to have your LinkedIn photo taken indoors – we can edit a London city scene into the background in post-production.

Can we take pictures outside?

We certainly can. However, a word of caution. If you are simply looking to achieve a professional ‘London look”, then we can often do better by editing a London scene of your choice into a professional LinkedIn photo. If you have a particular location in mind, we will work with you to obtain it. 

Will you advise on the best location?

We have huge amounts of experience with outdoor photography. LinkedIn headshots, in particular, can be tricky as you are the main event. We don’t really want a huge amount of background for the small space you are given on LinkedIn. We will work with you at the point of booking as to the best solution for you.

Can you give me the London look without going out?

Absolutely, in fact, we usually advise our clients that this is the best way to get the look. We will take your professional LinkedIn headshots, and then offer a variety of iconic London images to edit in behind you. The results are fantastic, and no need to traipse around town.

What are Photoshop backgrounds? Can you explain?

Quite simply, we take your Professional profile photo and add a London location of your choice with Photoshop. The image of you is taken at your office, home or the studio. You then select a photograph of a London scene from our portfolio of iconic images (St Paul’s Cathedral is popular!). We edit the scene into the background for you. No standing on street corners, or dodging the rain.


In The Studio LinkedIn Photo Service

For many of our clients, the office is a busy and distracting location. There’s usually something else going on, or colleagues that need to speak to them. And in some cases, they will struggle to find a quiet corner to actually take the pictures.

If you are updating your LinkedIn profile to make a career move, you may also prefer the discretion of a studio session. 

At the studio.

Straightforward, no fuss. Peace, quiet and privacy.

How long will it take?

We tell our clients to allow 30 minutes for all our headshot sessions. You’ll need to factor in travel time across London for our studio shoots of course, but once you are here, it’s just 30 minutes.

How do I book?

It’s really simple. If you are booking for a studio session, just go to our booking page, complete the details, let us know your preferred date and select the studio option. We will be back with you within the hour to arrange the time.