LinkedIn photo, or headshot?

LinkedIn Photo Headshot

Headshot or photo? Photo or headshot?

One and the same right? Interestingly, we don’t think so. The search engines also suggest that people are looking for quite different things.

We’ve recently tidied up our website, and spent a little time looking at the search terms that people use when looking for services such as ours.

When you look at the questions people are asking around the search term “LinkedIn photo” for example, they’re also looking for information about the size of the image, whether an iPhone will do, and what sort of picture to use.

The term “LinkedIn headshot”, has had a significant resurgence recently. We can only surmise that as we are starting to return to some normality, people are looking to really nail their LinkedIn profiles. The questions being asked here are much more around turn-around times, and locations. 

Professional appeal

They’re professional people, like you, who are looking to be taken seriously on the platform. And it matters. 

LinkedIn profiles with professional photos get 14 times more profile views, and on average are 36 times more likely to receive a message.

Which is all well and good, but you also need to consider why you are there, and what you are trying to say about yourself. By working with a professional LinkedIn photographer, you’ll get help and support with this as well. 

We’ve worked with countless clients. People who know exactly where they are going professionally, and people who are after a complete change but aren’t sure how to represent themselves. Clients who hold themselves impeccably at all times, but go to pieces in front of the camera.

Our team have seen it all, and coached their subjects through the process to create the perfect image.

What we do

We’ll talk about who you work with, and who you are trying to appeal to. We’ll find out why you are updating your profile, and we’ll get the pose that helps get you get to where you’re heading.

We understand that your LinkedIn profile is your personal brand. We want to ensure that you are represented in the best way possible. 

Your friend, wife, husband or cousin, might be a dab hand with the best iPhone on the street, or their own digital camera, but they won’t understand the nuances of creating the right professional image for LinkedIn.

It’s clear from the countless articles giving great advice on how to get the best LinkedIn Photos at home during 2020 that everyone tried their best! However, many people are now flocking back to search for professional LinkedIn headshots.

People are getting their personal brands tidied up, and ready for whatever comes next. If you’re ready for a refresh, drop us a line. And, as an aside, don’t forget, we can even come to you at home